beef Production Services

Experience and service is where we separate ourselves from the rest of the pack.

What We Do

We are livestock consultation specialists dedicated to large and small producers alike. We understand that your current goals and past experience are important motivating factors, and, therefore, are always part of the solution we provide. We have been in the trenches with you and understand that the best plans are only as good as the operation’s ability to apply and oversee the implementation.

We are more than books and comparison databases. We know that the only operation that matters to you is yours. Our current services offered include, but are not limited to:

Data Management

  • Access and collect daily records
  • Prepare necessary montly reporting
  • Produce closeout performance records
  • Produce customized client reports


  • Livestock classifications
  • Profitability projections
  • Closeout review and analyses
  • Establish of SOPs
  • Commodity analyses and evaluations


  • Complete diets
  • Dietary supplement packages
  • Range and treatment minerals
  • Nutritive additive packs

Technical Support

  • Management technology and feeding strategies
  • Alternative feed ingredients
  • New technology and research feasibility
  • Emerging and existing feed additives
  • Management and staging protocols

On-site Consultation

  • Diet consumption management
  • Diet preparation evaluation
  • Feed delivery management
  • Current environmental conditions
  • Water, facilities, and equipment