We help clients achieve long-term success through strategic goal planning.

Importance of a Plan

A business strategy has to be specific and goal-oriented. It is not enough to work harder, you have to work smarter and on the most important areas. A successful strategy will ensure that you and your crew are working on tasks that produce measureable, positive results.

A business strategy cannot be successful without management of measurable data. You simply cannot manage what you cannot measure. We can help envison a strategy to achieve your goals, define protocols and critical limits for the goals, aid in acquiring or developing technologies to measure results, and be on-site to provide advice as you manage toward success.


Our service model is centered around your daily operations and on-site consultation. We operate as a consulting team where our clients see our consultants a minimum of once per month, and often times every two weeks. This makes your operation the FOCUS of our attention. Being on-site, we are able to visually appraise the progress of our strategy and bring focus to areas where improvements can be made in real-time.


The days of being able to take a leap of faith, learning through trial and error, and having enough financial stability to weather the unfortunate failures are over. The total investment required in today's agriculture operations is staggering and limits your or your bankers ability to see you through the rough patches. Good, educated decision making requires knowledge, experience, and data analysis. That's what we do.


Successful operations will be those whom are able to adapt to the new financial environment, advance in technology, and continue to provide the quality beef products consumers have come to expect. In short, you need to be right more often than not and to implement technology that aids in your success rate. We take a proactive stance, producing written strategies, projections, monthly progress updates, and closeout analysis. Our goals are to provide you with a comprehensive portfolio of documented management decisions that you and your banker can buy into.